Attention Brokers:

The Kobold School has a very special offer just for you.

How do I get my first license?

You think you want to start a rewarding and lucrative adventure in real estate, but don’t know where to begin.

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How do I upgrade my license?

You have some experience, you are tired of sharing your income, and you are ready to own your own office.

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How do I keep my license?

You have your license and need to keep it alive with the Georgia state required continuing education.

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Choose Your Own Excellent Adventure

The decision is up to you and we at The Kobold School are here to help. You may be just beginning a new adventure in a successful real estate career, or have some experience and are tired of sharing your hard earned income with your broker, or you may be happy where you are and just need to keep your license active. The Kobold School has flexible programs to meet your needs.

Course Descriptions

If you already know what you need to accomplish, see what we have for you by selecting the courses we have to offer below.

Broker Upgrade

There is a lot of responsibility and risk associated with owning your own office. You owe it to yourself to manage that risk with the best education and information.

Sales Agent

Passing the sales agent license exam can be tricky. The test itself is not inherently difficult but emphasizes things you may or may not consider important when you are studying.

Community Association Manager (CAM)

Georgia sales agents can already provide CAM services but there is a way to work in this growing field without the lengthy process of becoming a full sales agent licensee.

Continuing Education (CE)

Georgia periodically changes the requirements to keep your license in good standing. Licensees are required to take thirty six hours of coursework covering various areas of practice and law.

Director's Statement

At The Kobold School like many others we have been directly affected by the COVID outbreaks and are currently not offering in-class education. We hope to be offering a full schedule as soon as conditions permit. Thank you for your patience in this challenging time.
Barbara S. Oliver
Director and ceo